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Franchise FAQS

It is very important that you know how much you pay for the franchise and what you get in return. We strongly believe as a company that charges should be fair and incentivise you to grow your business for your benefit. Therefore, fees are linked to your customer numbers, the cost per customer diminishes as your business grows and the fee is capped. After you have paid the one-time fee (between £2000 - £3000+VAT depending on the programme) to cover initial training, set-up and purchased your equipment (between £6000 - £7000+VAT* programme dependent). Additionally, you should budget most suited to you in year 1 for self sourced items.

Running a WOW World Group Franchise is a full time business. Although you may not be running classes all day, every day, you will be using the rest of your working week marketing, planning and preparing. WOW World group will support you throughout but your success will be determined by your own hard work

As a Franchisee, you will be provided with:
A territory.
A full set of equipment (kit).
High quality training.
Continued professional development (CPD) training.
A comprehensive Learning and Development Manual.
Lesson plans that cover every aspect of the session.
Music to support activities if applicable
Extra lesson plans to celebrate seasonal and special events.
Researched-based articles and information to support best practice.
Continued help and support from your Regional Franchisor..

The timeline can vary considerably based on a large number of variables, however a new Franchisee can be up and running within weeks of signing the Franchise agreement
A resale could be a profit from day one subject to the size of the business.
This is all subject to successful training and pre training completion.

We can only accept applications for UK Franchisees via our online application form, however we are always looking for partners to work with us in the International Growth of the WOW group.
Launching a brand in a new region, even one which is a market leader in its home territory is a challenge which requires a clear strategy for the new region plus considerable time and investment to ensure success. If you wish to be considered as a partner for your region, please submit a short document which sets out:
Your understanding of the pre school parent led education market in your country;
How you would use the WOW programmes to become a leader in this market within 5 years;
What credentials, resources and experience you have to implement your plan;
The main challenges you will face and how you will overcome them.
Please send this document to We will review your plan and if appropriate discuss how we progress together in your region.