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What is a Discovery Day?

A Discovery Day is simply an introduction to the idea of becoming a WOW World Group Franchisee. It could come in the form of an event (on-line or in person) or it could be a 1-2-1 conversation, again either on-line or in person. It could be a generic introduction to WOW World Group and all of our amazing programmes, or it could be specific to the programme you are interested in. It could even be specific to a particular location (territory), especially if that happened to be a resale opportunity, which crop up from time to time.

Why should I attend?

Embarking on any business opportunity requires careful consideration and thorough research.
A Discovery Day will ensure you have a deep enough understanding of the business and the franchise opportunity to ensure you can make an informed decision about next steps. There will be no pressure on you to make any commitments or follow up at one of these events.

What’s included?

During a Discovery Day we will cover:
• Our Programme(s) – their USP’s and what sets them apart from the competition
• Our history and founders – the research and experience that underpins our programmes
• Our network – understanding the structure and scale of organisation
• Our Franchisees – what it takes to be a successful Franchisee and why so many have taken this step already
• Our Franchisors – your key relationship with the business and how they will support, guide and mentor you
• Training - how we prepare you to run your classes and business. Also, the value we place on CPD and your on-going development for the life of your business
• Financials – what are the costs involved and key considerations when deciding if this is viable for you
• The recruitment process – how long it takes and the key milestones towards owning and running your own WOW World Group franchise business

How long do they last?

There’s a lot to cover however we also don’t want to overload you with too much in a relatively short space of time. Typically 1 to 1.5 hours, subject to Q&A’s.

What’s next?

Either book a space below at one of our upcoming events or use the enquiry form to reach out to your local Franchisor first.