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Franchising with WOW World Group

Wow World Group is the umbrella brand for Baby Sensory, Toddler Sense, Mini Professors, Reading Fairy and KeepaBeat.

‘Wow!’ is what we hear every day from parents bringing their children to our classes as they experience something new, and ‘Wow!’ is exactly what we want you to think when you join us as a Franchisee.

If you are looking for a business that enables you to meet your own aspirations and gives you that ‘jump out of bed’ feeling every day because you can make a difference to families in your location, then you have come to the right place.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our educational classes for children from birth to the first year at school, by providing them with a space to learn through play. With our research based programmes, best in class training and supportive Regional Franchisor team we know we can help you turn your dreams of running a successful business into a reality.

Please click on the region you are interested in below and complete the enquiry form.

Scotland - Northern Ireland - North West England - North East England, Yorkshire and The Humber - Wales - West Midlands - East England - East Midlands - South West - South East


Could I be a Franchisee?

⭐ Do you want to create a successful business that makes a real difference to family life for your customers and for you?

⭐ Do you have the aspiration and the motivation to run your own business?

⭐ Do you have infectious enthusiasm for working with children and helping their families experience the wonder of learning through play?



What You Need 

  • To be ready to make a full time commitment 
  • The desire to run your own business
  • To have access to capital investment

What We Give you

  • Training programmes throughout the year
  • In depth lesson plans
  • A Regional Franchisor who will support you 
  • Access to marketing materials to kickstart your business





What other qualities do I need to be a WOW World Franchisee?

Your  classes will be successful if the parents and children who come along have a great time and tell others. We therefore look for people who enjoy working with children, babies and their parents.

You will be running your own business. This gives you the flexibility to work hours that suit your personal circumstances as well as the satisfaction of knowing that your success has been a direct result of your own endeavours.

A successful WOW World Group franchisee will need a range of qualities including:

⭐ Excellent Interpersonal Skills
You will be promoting and running classes for parents and their children so you will need to be a friendly and natural communicator.

⭐ Self Confidence and Enthusiasm
You will be running sessions with up to 20 parents and their children. You will lead varied sessions including many types of activities, and your confidence and personality will shine through.

⭐ Self-motivation and Drive
You will be running your own business and the rewards you reap will be directly related to your own efforts.

⭐ Caring and Thoughtful
WOW World Group is committed to delighting its customers. You must share our dedication to providing excellence in service and ensure that all our parents and children are captivated by the experience.

⭐ Be my own boss, but be a member of a team
We are all about a network of enthusiastic entrepreneurs wanting to create a wonderful business. Each person is doing it for themselves, but each is also a member of a bigger team, not in an office, but connected through forums and training.

Please click on the region you are interested in below and complete the enquiry form.

Scotland - Northern Ireland - North West England - North East England, Yorkshire and The Humber - Wales - West Midlands - East England - East Midlands - South West - South East

If you would like the freedom and flexibility of working for yourself and feel you have these qualities, a WOW franchise could be just what you are looking for.


We are always looking for the right people to work with on the international expansion of WOW programmes. If you are outside of the UK and interested please complete this form for more information.

International Enquiry Form

All our Franchisees come from a wide range of backgrounds both personal and professional. Read some of their stories below

  Amy Hodgson 
Baby Sensory Franchisee 
Previous Job Project Engineer for Turbo charger manufacturer
My previous role gave me self-belief, organisational and time management skills. In my 7 years with WOW I've employed fabulous class leaders and recently taken on a Franchisor role. It fits around my family life and has enormous job satisfaction.


Lou Wordie 
Toddler Sense Franchisee 
Previous Job
Online Sales for educational platform and Boarding house mistress
My previous jobs have enabled me to bring the my business to life, injecting creativity and flare, but also experience in selling a product.  

WOW has changed my life dramatically. I get to have FUN at work, improve my fitness, improve my business skills and still get to spend time with my children. 

Terri Manuel 
Baby Sensory Franchisee
Previous Job 
Telecoms for 12 years as an Escalation Specialist

My previous job role taught me confidence to communicate with customers confidently and build effective working relationships.

Wow has given me an opportunity to fulfill a passion in me for early learning and allowed me more time with my daughter and flexible working for a more work/family life balance than I previously had

Kayleigh Thornton 
Reading Fairy Franchisee
Previous Job
Special Needs Nanny

 My previous roles helped me with being a WOW Franchisee, working independently and working in early years gave me the confidence to bring Reading Fairy to the classroom and engage children in learning to love to read.

I have been part of WOW World for 6 years and love it. I get to be creative, and think outside the box as well as fit my role in around my family. I have recently taken on the role of Franchisor and am enjoying helping and supporting my fellow franchises in growing their own businesses.