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The Enquiry Process

The Process to owning a WOW World Group Business involves many steps to ensure it is the right decision for all parties.

Please click on the region you are interested in below and complete the enquiry form.

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After you complete the Enquiry Form, you'll be contacted about a Discovery Event

What is a Discovery Event?

A Discovery Event is simply an introduction to the idea of becoming a WOW World Group Franchisee. It could come in the form of an event (on-line or in person) or it could be a 1-2-1 conversation, again either on-line or in person. It could be a generic introduction to WOW World Group and all of our amazing programmes, or it could be specific to the programme you are interested in. It could even be specific to a particular location (territory), especially if that happened to be a resale opportunity, which crop up from time to time.

Why should I attend?

Embarking on any business opportunity requires careful consideration and thorough research.
A Discovery Event will ensure you have a deep enough understanding of the business and the franchise opportunity to ensure you can make an informed decision about next steps. There will be no pressure on you to make any commitments or follow up at one of these events.

We can only accept applications for UK Franchisees via our online application form, however we are always looking for partners to work with us in the International Growth of the WOW group.

Launching a brand in a new region, even one which is a market leader in its home territory is a challenge which requires a clear strategy for the new region plus considerable time and investment to ensure success. If you wish to be considered as a partner for your region, please submit a short document which sets out:

  • Your understanding of the pre school parent led education market in your country;
  • How you would use the WOW programmes to become a leader in this market within 5 years;
  • What credentials, resources and experience you have to implement your plan;
  • The main challenges you will face and how you will overcome them.

Please send this document to We will review your plan and if appropriate discuss how we progress together in your region.