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Training and Support Package

How do I learn what to do?

WOW World Group is committed to helping all our franchisees establish a rewarding and satisfying career. The training and support package includes detailed training in every aspect of running a session and comprehensive guidance and support covering business planning and marketing.

Our support continues beyond training to give you the best possible chance to develop a successful operation in your territory. As a franchisee you will receive the support of an experienced Regional Franchisee to guide and mentor you as the business grows.

⭐ Pre-training Training

Whether you have been a client or are just looking for a career with young families, you first need to find out what it’s like being the centre of attention! Come and sit at the ‘head’ of the circle and help in a class and see how you feel. Then visit some more classes and start to see what the life of a Practitioner entails.

Class Leader Training

Our 2-day residential Programme training covers all aspects of running your classes. Following the training you will be able to set up and run classes using our session plans and provide valuable information about the development associated with each activity. You will also have experienced many of our activities first-hand and will know how to lead a session.

Business Training

Our business training takes you through the business planning cycle and you will produce a business budget and a marketing plan to use to develop your business in your territory.


If you think there is a lot to learn, you are absolutely right! We therefore provide a comprehensive operations manual covering all aspects of our sessions. For each session we provide a detailed lesson plan covering everything from the set up for the specific session.

Regional Training and mentoring

One of the unique aspects of our company is the Regional Franchisor support. This person has done what you are doing, knows the job and is there to guide and help you on a day-to-day basis.


We are committed to making every class a success for our franchisees, the parents and their children, and we do this through our comprehensive training and mentoring process.