WOW Fest 2020

Join us as we take our WOW Fest 2020 online. A month of free activities for all the family across all of our programmes.

Check out the line up HERE and join in the fun

Welcome to WOW Fest 2020!

Headline programme from July 6th to July 11th is Toddler Sense ages 13 months -5 years (siblings welcome!). If you can't make the Zoom session please do come along and see our Facebook LIVES with unlimited numbers and unlimited fun!

Each Zoom Session will be released and open for bookings a week before, so if you really want to join a class but you're too early please do come back and try again closer to the time

What's happening this week?

Toddler Sense

Suitable for ages 13 month - 5 years

Tuesday 7th June 4pm
Facebook LIVE stream Festival Camp out

Wednesday 8th July 12.30pm
Facebook Potty Training. All your questions answered.

Thursday 9th July 4pm
Facebook LIVE Stream Festival Friends

Friday 10th July 12.30pm
Facebook LIVE
Find out all the props you will need for your FREE Zoom session 

Don't forget to download this bird to print and cut out, ready for your session.

Saturday 11th July
Sunshine, Rainbows and Lollipops Zoom session 10am
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Check out THIS FULL LIST for a full list of equipment you will need for our Toddler Sense LIVE and Zoom sessions, don't worry it's just a few bits from around the house.

If you currently attend WOW classes or have done in the past you will need to create a new login for this event, don't worry though it won't affect your other login with your other WOW classes.

All details of how you log into the session will be sent at the bottom of your booking confirmation, along with any items you might need for your adventures. Don't worry its nothing fancy, just a few bits from around the house.

We can't wait to see you! And remember, if you enjoy the taster our weekly classes run all through the summer, contact your local class leader using “find a class."


What if I've missed it?

Don't worry if you have missed any of our LIVE streams, you can find them all below to watch and enjoy over and over again.

We can't show the video to our full session but if you'd like to try out one of our classes in action go to 

Mini Professors

Suitable for ages 2 - 7 years

Tuesday 30TH June 11am
Facebook LIVE Flight

Wednesday 01 July 4pm
Facebook LIVE Trace Fossil Biscuits

Thursday 2nd July 12pm
Facebook LIVE Volcanoes and lava

Friday 3rd July 12.30pm
Q&A with Professor Tracey

WEEK 2 Main Stage with Toddler Sense

Suitable for ages 12 months - 5 years

Tuesday 7th July 4pm
Facebook LIVE Festival Camp Out

Wednesday 8th July Time 12.30pm
Q&A on potty training and tantrums with Imogen Coleman

Thursday 9th July Time 4pm
Facebook LIVE Festival Friends

Saturday 11th July 10am
Sunshine Rainbows Lollipops Zoom session

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WEEK 3 Main Stage with Baby Sensory

Suitable from birth to 13 months

Tuesday 14th July 4pm
Facebook LIVE Festival by the sea with development information on water play benefits

Wednesday 15th July 12.30pm
Q&A Baby Sleep  with Imogen Coleman

Thursday 16th July Time 4pm
Facebook LIVE A bouncing boat ride

Friday 17th July 10am 
Baby Sailor Zoom session
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WEEK 4 Main Stage with KeepaBeat UK

Suitable for all parents

Tuesday 21st July
Facebook LIVE Allergies & Weaning

We will be talking about food allergies when weaning your baby. It will give you some awareness about some foods and what to look for and do should the need arise.

Wednesday 22nd July

Find out what a high temperature is and most importantly how to deal with a high temperature if your child has one.

Thursday 23rd July

Facebook Live Bumps, bashes and grazes

Once your baby is on the move, life as you know it will change again.  We will go through how to wash and dress those little everyday bumps bashes and grazes.

Saturday 25th July
Choking, We can’t stress enough that this is an invaluable skill to have and the session is not to be missed
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WEEK 5 Main Stage with Reading Fairy

Suitable from 12 months to 5 years

Tuesday 28th July
Facebook LIVE Sing along with Music Mouse

Wednesday 29th July
Q&A Preparing your child for school or nursery

Thursday 30th July
Facebook LIVE Fun with Phonic Fox

Saturday 1st August
A full online Reading Fairy Zoom session.
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