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Welcome to WOW

WOW World Group consists of 5 expertly researched child development programmes, paediatric first aid classes for parents and practitioners, and professional child photographers. Our reputable WOW programmes are dedicated to supporting the learning and development of every baby and child, and the health and safety needs of everyone who attends our classes. 

Programmes for babies and children

Our national and international award-winning, fully accredited WOW programmes for babies and children offer high-quality, early years care and education from birth to Key Stage 1. Each programme has been fully researched, tested and trialled to deliver both the WOW and continued sensory learning experiences for children as well as support and information for parents at every stage of the journey. 

Programmes for parents and carers

We also know the journey of raising a child begins long before they arrive. This is why we have a fully accredited First aid for Parents programme, plus our very own workshops dealing with the difficult subjects of early-weeks parenting such as colic and baby calming techniques.
These can be for mum and dad or anyone in the wider family rejoicing in this most amazing of processes.

Programmes for schools and nurseries

As well as working with parents and carers in one of our many venues across the UK, some programmes have been adapted to cater for nurseries and school children. Looking inspire your children with science or to learn first aid? Look no further.


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